Stirring the innermost passion for colours and inner beauty, SLV has been the benchmark for the finest cosmetics of the new world. Founded in 2014, with a consolidated experience in the cosmetic industry ensures excellence in quality. With its recent admiration amongst urban women, Seduction Las Vegas is slowly seen taking a giant leap on the minds and heart of its consumers. We are proud to now venture in making seduction a fashion brand.

As beauty is often priceless, the commitment is to make beauty affordable to each. Be it your image, style or look, each is expressed through our seductive products. SLV believes that every woman is independent and with liberty exhibits her moods with the choice of expression through her appearance. SLV derives inspiration from the casinos of the striking city of Las Vegas; a city of vogue, glamour and glitz, that intrigues and enthralls a million visitors around. The fancy casinos with elaborate fashion sense and make up that glamourizes everything with its touch.

Quality and innovation is reflected in its high skills in offering new ideas and products. On-trend design is the evident and distinctive factor of the SLV that believes fashion is incomplete unless it is used as a form of seduction. Faithful to the idea, SLV has devoted itself to offer the full range of fashion products. SLV is an international premium brand for the elite that focuses thoroughly on the health and well being of the customers. Our highly reputed industry associations help us assure high quality and a broad range of safe and innovative products.

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